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제목 Guidelines for Design Competitions for Bridges
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IABSE Working Group 3 (Chair: Naeem Hussain)에서 발간한 Guidelines for Design Competitions for Bridges가 무료 배포되었습니다.

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책자 정보:
IABSE has published ‘Guidelines for Design Competitions for Bridges’ completed by IABSE Working Group 3, chaired by Naeem Hussain. These are the first international guidelines available to assist clients and procurement agencies wishing to hold a bridge design competition.

The Guidelines are written specifically for projects in which a bridge is the main element of infrastructure but can also include related items, such as the approaches to the bridge and its landscaping etc. The Guidelines are for the client’s benefit and the purpose of the Guidelines is to give a framework for clients to procure a bridge project successfully via a design competition route.

Design competitions by their nature encourage creativity and innovation and help a client to select a design that meets his particular needs. The Guidelines are general and intended for clients who can modify and tailor them to suit their requirements.

Competitions entail expenditure of considerable time and money by designers, and it is expected that competitions based on these guidelines will encourage designers to take part with assurance that their submissions will be judged in a professional and impartial manner, and that they will be rewarded appropriately for their ideas. An efficient, open and fully-audited process with well written briefs, clear rules and fair conduct is essential in promoting and safeguarding goodwill with the public, local authorities, funding agencies and other key stakeholders.

‘Guidelines for Design Competitions for Bridges’
Publisher: IABSE (by Naeem Hussain, Chair WG 3)

52 pages, in English
ISBN 978-3-85748-131-4
Format 210 x 297 mm
Published: February 2013